Meredith Music Festival 23

Good Times

Thankyou, sincerely, for being Here, being part of it, participating, and being Meredith23.

From our point of view it was certainly one of the most sublime Merediths of the Modern era, so much went wonderfully.

Feedback is what keeps the thing vital, and we would really welcome yours.

If you have a moment, please take the Meredith survey to tell us all about your experience, offer up any insights or suggestions, improvements, high fives – or just use the opportunity to practise your written German. It only takes a few minutes.

Thanks to Rob McCafferty and his team for video highlights from the weekend – Chic featuring Nile RodgersNile Rodgers interview, Melvins, Joey Bada$$Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ RackettesThe BamboosBrian Jonestown Massacre & Spiderbait.

Photographic highlights from the weekend can be viewed here - with thanks to Ty Johnson, Leah Robertson and Kristy Milliken.

Thanks again, from the bottom of our hearts, we loved having it Happen, and are already looking forward to next year. And my caravan door is of course always open.

All our love


Aunty and the Supernatural Custodians

ps. Please read a letter to everyone on the mailing list from me, about a few things – the No Dickhead Policy, taking home any couches etc that you bring and the Zero Tolerance on Trespassers (be warned – that can end very badly).

Aunty’s Re-Sale Closed

This service is now closed for Meredith23. Aunty is no longer able to accept tickets back, as the integrity of the service can’t be guaranteed so close to the festival.

This concludes Waitlist’s first year in operation; it successfully put hundreds of orphaned tickets into happy new homes. Feedback has been terrific, thankyou to all who participated.

Ticket-seekers still need to BEWARE: those scammers and thieves are still robbing people on ebay and gumtree – don’t be fooled!

Meredith23 is Sold Out of all tickets and none are available at the Gate.

Spiderbait interview - Live at Meredith23

Lineup / Hit Parade / Soundtrack

Wildly entertaining non-stop Fun is what we seek. Supreme Bespoke Live Pirate Radio is the wavelength.





We guarantee we will continue to listen, fix things if they don’t work, not mess with them if they do and Keep On Making Meredith Amazinger.

MSA Tree




It is paramount that Meredith is the right size; to that end there will be 500 fewer folks there this time round.


The No Dickhead Policy

Means not doing things like annoying your neighbours with loud music, not blocking views in The Sup’, no aggressive behaviour, cleaning up any mess you make, and looking after yourself and others.

No Dickheads


You Can Take It With You

Couch MMF-Fri-60-1

In fact you have to. I’m talking about couches, furniture, gazebos, tents – don’t let it end up in landfill; The Sup’ is not a dumping ground. If you bring furniture in, you must take it out at the end – so when you are setting up camp, think about packing it up and getting it all back into/onto your vehicle. Please and thankyou.



The Supernatch

MSA CW2A4338

All praise to Uncle Doug and the Supernatural Custodians who have spent years refining the festival site into a purpose-built Underground Wonderland. 23 years of collective know-how, and wild ambition married with a deep practical genius, means that sweet little parcel of land that hosts Meredith is now maturing into Everything We Hoped She Would Be.


Pink Flamingo CW2A4286

The more things change the more they stay the same. As you may know, Meredith started in 1991 as an end-of-year party in the bush for about 200 friends. It was created Purely For Fun; a celebration of music, nature, friends – and all humanity has to offer. It’s been our solemn duty in the 22 years since to preserve and protect that original spirit and ethos. So Meredith23 will have – as always – One Stage that Fits All, BYO, no commercial sponsors, the No Dickheads Policy, plenty of time and Space for camping and everything that keeps Meredith Meredithy.


Rochester Door CW2A2373

Fancy a sturdy old school canvas tent already set up for you, with room for 2 people, stretcher beds, 24-hour concierge and a reserved car space so you can just roll up anytime to a prime roomy location? Please consider a reservation at The Rochester, a boutique establishment with limited vacancy. No Vacancy – The Rochester has sold out this year.



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