Meredith Music Festival 23

Roads and Paths

Roads CW2A2617

There are roads, these are for vehicles, don’t park any part of your vehicle on them. Don’t “trick” yourself into believing that having only two wheels off the road means you aren’t parked on the road – you are. Get the whole thing off, otherwise the camping marshalls will deem you a fire hazard (which you are) and have you towed away and impounded.

Roads MMF2012-188

The internal roads have been made and built up and strengthened each year to withstand the bi-annual onslaught of weather and traffic. Are you still reading? This is one boring topic. What’s next, fences? zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Paths CW2A3780

Paths – there are footpaths through the campgrounds. They will help you find your campsite. How about that! Amazing innovation. What design WIZARDS we are. Surely this can’t survive as a topic. Enjoy this info now cos it won’t last.

Paths CW2A2562

Roads CW2A2545

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