Meredith Music Festival 23


The Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre prides itself on having world’s-best-practice toilet facilities.

If you were to ask festival-goers about Meredith’s toilets you’ll find their answers are a very pleasant surprise. The festival is renowned for having plentiful, permanent, private, well-designed-and-built waterless composting toilets.

There are several blocks of these around the site. Two main blocks of about fifty loos each are located either side of the Amphitheatre, then seven more sets are located in convenient spots in the campgrounds, including two new blocks up at Tom Mankeys.

The toilets use no water at all, and the waste is treated on a remote part of the site (rather than being carted away) according to strict Australian Standard guidelines until eventually it becomes safe and usable compost. Brilliant.

Toilets CW2A3375

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