Meredith Music Festival 23

Chic featuring Nile Rodgers

aaaAAAHHH FREAK OUT! One of the greatest shows in the world of popular funky music. An Epic Groove Marathon of bona fide solid gold hit-hit-hits. These. Are. The. GOOD TIMES! After Nile stepped off stage at Golden Plains Sixxx having left The Sup’ a joyous mesmerised mess, he asked if he could come back and do it again – “every show is special but that was ‘spiritual’”…. “Oh man, it felt magical. We’ve achieved this thing a few times before where the crowd, it feels like you could walk on top of their energy.” Well it turned out he had a bit on, so it took a little longer. If you didn’t see it (and even if you did), my lawd you’re in for a MASSIVE TREAT. Stacks of killer hits for you live in deep-and-wide 4D, from Chic’s ultimate disco bombshells through decades of bona fide blockbusters from the genius mind of Nile.

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