Meredith Music Festival 23


Arrived to play Meredith in The Year 2001 by driving a Valiant RT Charger right into the Amphitheatre, parking in front of the stage, getting out with megaphone and guitars in hand, jumping up onto stage and ripping into it. That sense of fun and ROCK helps explain why Warped have a twenty year history yet seem eternally youthful. For regular Melbourne live music punters in the 90s and first half of the noughties, seeing Warped play was as essential as having vegemite in the house and a beer at the pub. Led by Benny and Cris, a cast of thousands have played their part in the incredible beast that has been Warped.

They are a great-fun electric cool killer all out riffy rock band, and speaking of entrances, they’ll be getting Meredith23 off to The Right Start by bending it out of shape first up Friday.

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