Meredith Music Festival 23

Tim Sweeney

Third time to The Sup’.

Again, if you know him, this needs no explanation. If you don’t, well keep reading. His radio show Beats In Space is legendary in its own time, the barometer of forward thinking dance music, a one stop shop for the most progressive forms of dance music. COOL dance music, sure – but DANCE music. He’s like a Pope John Peel to his people, giving context to a whole new world of DJs and producers that are turning heads; a subscene of cosmic, nu-disco and beyond. He’s a connector, conductor and collator. Has a special Melbourne connection, being a conduit to the world for some of the city’s best sounds.

From Beat Magazine 2012: “As he lists his all-time favourite selectors, I note the peculiarity that both Optimo, Harvey and himself have all taken to the decks of the beloved Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre. “Yeah, that has been amazing. I love Meredith. I think that has to be my favourite festival I’ve ever done.””

By the way he also mentions Harvey’s equipment-smashing end to his set at Meredith 2010: “He’s (Harvey’s) a character. He’s a rock star,” he notes of Harvey’s infamous smashing of Andee Frost’s prized Bozak rotary mixer, an Alpha Recordings 5-band equalizer, two CDJs and two Technics 1200s at the 2010 Meredith. “Everyone is going to be talking about that forever. Unfortunately, for Andee, his equipment got messed up and I think he still doesn’t have the crossover fixed, but it’s definitely going to go down in history.”

He recently left his day job as soundtrack supervisor at Rockstar Games, where he helped to score popular games including Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Before that we believe he was Steinski’s record librarian (!) and a staffer at the iconic DFA label. Today. He’s a full-time DJ, and plays across Europe, North and South America and beyond. And though he’s on an international flight nearly every weekend, he hasn’t lost sight of his initial passion.

“Week in and week out, I’m still back in New York on Tuesday to record the show,” says Sweeney. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” How cool is that?

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