Meredith Music Festival 23


Think Helmet, think controlled heavy groove, commitment, intensity, integrity, uncompromising, brutal but intelligent. Meantime, Betty, those songs, that artwork tattooed on the brains of millions of…well…all sorts of fans – hardcore, punk, metal, hard rock – though Helmet didn’t really look like any of them.

Page Hamilton co-founded the band in New York 1989, fusing Zeppelinesque riffing with post-hardcore precision, dense chords and offbeat time signatures based in his formal jazz training. The combination achieved that rare feat – success in its own time.

Helmet took itself off in 1998, Hamilton did soundtracks for major Hollywood movies, and played lead guitar in David Bowie’s band. Then they began again in 2004, and here we are today, looking forward to them at Meredith. If you hadda taken a more youthful Aunty aside at one of the early 90’s Merediths and said that Helmet would play here in 20 years time…well…  Saturday Rush Hour.

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